Getting Started

Getting Started

*BEFORE YOU START: First email your school records to Glen Tiechko at
Once your acceptance is confirmed, email your complete application package to Glen Tiechko.

Step 1 of 5: Submit the Following Forms

1. Signed Comprehensive Participation Package

  • Must include Personal Information for Homestay Placement portion

  • Must be completed IN-FULL

Include with your application:

  • a letter of reference from a principal or teacher, in English.

  • school records for the current school year and the past two years (in English), detailing courses taken and marks achieved. These records are to be certified with a school stamp or seal.

  • a copy of the student's current passport with picture 

  • a letter written by the student in English indicating his or her reasons for wanting to study in Canada, and areas of personal interest.

  • a $300 non-refundable Application Fee.

  • a $3000 Program Fees Deposit (refundable if student is not accepted) to be applied to the Program Fees of $15,500.

  • the first month's Homestay Fee of $950.

Note: All dollar figures are in Canadian dollars (CAD).


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